We often get comments from brides who contact us with the question: is it worth it or not to do hair and makeup trial? After all, they just want something very simple or because it is an extra cost that does not make sense to them, some brides even question the price of the trials.

Doing a make-up / hairstyle trial before the wedding is not at all different from trying food, cake, dress, and in these cases, we do not see the couple questioning their usefulness. Perhaps the difference here is that the bride and groom are aware that they are paying for this service, while in other services sold for the full amount, the tasting service is also paid for, but the couples simply do not realize it.

Then you can ask the question: why don’t you do the same and charge the global price all inclusive? Because brides are not always able to make trials due to the time available, mainly brides from other countries, or because there are brides who are already our clients, and we know in advance what they want and the process is easier, or because there are brides who intend to do only hair or make-up trials, that is, each bride is a bride and we at BGlam team always try to adapt ourselves to the needs of our brides.

If it is vital for a bride to do the trial? no! And our experience helps us with that, to have the quick ability to adapt to the personal style of each bride, but as a rule, they are more relaxed brides, who are already used to makeup and hairstyles and know exactly what they want, or on the other hand some who are not at all used to it but are also not afraid and trust us, as they already know our portfolio and the feedback from other brides, and know that we will do something that they identify themselves with and make them feel comfortable and beautiful.
Because this is actually what the rehearsal is about: make the bride experience our service, feel confident in our process, in our work and that an atmosphere of trust and easy communication is created, an actual bond between the bride and the professional, so that we are all in tune for the big “W” day.

And yes, it makes sense that the rehearsal is paid, it is the time and dedication of professionals with years of experience and training in the field of ​​weddings, who are there only for the bride, to try various options of looks until you get “the look ! ”, And yes, it makes sense, the ones who make the bride look at herself in the mirror and think: I don’t believe it’s me, it’s exactly what I imagined but didn’t know it was possible!

With the rehearsal, it is also possible to provide a more personalized beauty advice, such as suggesting a skin care routine appropriate to the bride’s skin type, or making an assessment in terms of colouring, cutting and specific treatments for the bride’s hair. This makes us a team, working with you and for you, so that you are at your best on your “W” day.

After the rehearsal, the bride feels calmer and more confident, she knows that she will have a suitable team there, to help her make her vision turn real, and it is definitely less of a stress factor on a day that, by itself, already has a very emotional impact on her.

To do or not to do a rehearsal before the wedding is a decision that will only be up to the bride, however, in our opinion it is always recommended to do it, it is always an asset for the bride and a certainty that everything will be perfect on such a special day where all attentions will be on the bride.