Over the years that we are in the bridal and wedding market we have seen many things, among them, the bride herself doing her hair and / or makeup or trusting a friend to do it.
Unfortunately, in most cases this option is not always the best for the bride. If the bride decides to look after her image on her wedding day, it can’t be something like this: let’s see what comes out on the day. You have to practice the look several times before, make sure you have all the products you need, but if you have someone without sufficient technical knowledge, you end up doing something that does not have the necessary durability, for example in the case of makeup, ‘ I can do well in photography’.

On the other hand, the bride may even have the technical skills, but if she doesn’t possess the right products, she ends up making a huge investment that 90% of the times ends up being greater than hiring a team of professionals. In short: you spent more time and more money, two extremely important issues in what marriage is concerned. In addition, it turns out to be a huge risk, because on that specific day anxiety always takes over, and a hairstyle and makeup that the bride would easily do on any other day, will turn out to be very hard to deal with.

Here comes the part where “a friend will do it” comes in. Unless the friend is also a professional, who has taken a test (preferably several tests, because the more you practise the better), here too, nerves can play against you. If the friend is also a wedding guest, the time management may not go well, there may occur delays that lead to the work of photographers and videographers being compromised, in short, these are all small things that on the day, only contribute to increase the stress level of the bride, her friend and everyone around the bride at the time of preparation.

When you hire a hair and make-up team for your wedding day, in addition to all the technical skills that the team must have to make you look perfect, that same team must make sure that everything around you flows: the organization of time so that you are ready in order to get dressed, take photos, enjoy your moment with your godmother, bridesmaids, mother, etc.

Besides time management and the work of making you even more beautiful, there are small details that as a team we do on the “W” day and those make all the difference:to calm the nervous mother of the bride down, keep the most “complicated” cousin from wanting to be the centre of attention, draw the bride’s father’s attention to the misplaced tie, etc. We like to think that we are a kind of fairy godmothers, that with our brushes, we help to create an atmosphere of relaxation and harmony so that our brides feel like true princesses.