Finally the proposal!!!

In the midst of tears of joy and a mixture of excitement for the new adventure that awaits, it is necessary to put your feet on the ground and start planning the big “W”day.

If for some brides (let’s talk about brides, as they are usually the great organisers and promoters of this great day) the beginning of their wedding planning is something that has been well structured for a long time, for other couples everything is completely new, most of the time it is even a little frightening to try to understand where to begin in the middle of an immensity of small details.

We are not wedding planners nor do we have that claim, but with so many years of experience in weddings, there are some hints we can give to help you take the first steps.

The first thing to do is to decide the date, the ‘when’. The decision of the day is the first step, so that the rest of the process can go on, but it is not always so easy as we might think. Mostly the date of the wedding will depend on the bride and groom, but also on other very important factors such as: availability of the venue for the wedding reception / ceremony or the availability of the church / priest / celebrant. It is not always possible to reconcile the date desired by the bride and groom with the availability of the place where they have always dreamt of getting married, for example, in that moment they have to make a commitment, each couple must decide how far they want to go in their concessions in order not to compromise the magic of their perfect day.

After having decided the date, the space and the type of celebration (religious, humanist, civil ceremony, etc.), it is time to start contacting all other services, and in all contacts that you establish these 3 issues must always appear: date, time and place. In this way they are able to obtain proposals from suppliers quicklier and more objectively accordingly to what they wish.
If you do not specify the time or location, a supplier with capacity for more than one wedding per day, with only the date, may not be able to say whether he is available or not.

Searching for these services takes time and requires a lot of work as well as planning, so you should start as soon as possible. One year before the wedding is not exactly too early as many couples might think. Sometimes we are booked for weddings 2 years in advance, so hurry up!
The forums and websites dedicated to the topic help with a pre-selection, but don’t stop there. There are a lot of suppliers that mostly focus their presence on social networks like Instagram, which in recent years has become an excellent platform to be able to show and publicise their portfolio in a simple, fast and accessible way to all customers.

Google, Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest can help you find that service that you have always dreamt for, but because it is not so conventional, it is not also so acknowledged by the general public.

A lot of research, looking for feedback, many requests for budget and some meetings, once besides the quality and price factors, there is also empathy. Professionals like photographers, videographers, makeup artists, hairdressers, florists, among others, basically, everything that involves the visual part of the event. The bride and her groom have to feel that everyone meets their personal style, because in the end there will be a great team working together with the same goal: to make your dream come true!