Who we are

“An entire team working for you, to make you feel like the most beautiful and special person in the world on your big day!”

At BGlam we believe that every bride is unique! Each woman has her personality and her image and the ´w‘ day has to reflect that: you have to feel beautiful, but you have to feel yourself, whether with a natural or super bold look, you decide. We, as a team, with all our experience, will help you make the best decisions for you.

Our services go beyond a simple hairstyle and makeup, they are all the little details that together lead to perfection, because when it comes to brides, “quality” and “elegance” are key words, as well as the choice of a professional that uses the best products and techniques and understands the real importance of that day, is vital. Our team’s objective is to coordinate all the beauty services of the day and much more.

Besides the bride, we can take care of the look of the mothers,bridesmaids, the groom and even their closest guests.

We have several levels of service available to meet the needs and desires of our beautiful brides, from standard services to personalised accompaniment during the day.